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Check out our list of FAQs to find the answer that you need. If the questions below do not answer your queries, please get in touch with us for further information.

Do You Empty Tanks?

No. However, we can recommend someone to you when you require this service. We have numerous contacts who can offer a first-class job.

I Have Bought a New Property. What Tank Do I Have?

We can come out to your property and complete a visual survey. Alternatively, we carry out a CCTV survey to examine how the pipes are running to the tank.

With Treatment Plants, What Can I Put Down the Toilet or the Sink?

You can use cleaning products but not excessively. However, we do not recommend putting grease down your drains.

I Have a Septic Tank. Will New Regulations Affect Me?

Any septic tanks which disharge to water course, from 2020 must be stopped. Only treated water must discharge to water course, so any septic tanks must be either replaced with a working treatemnt plant, or fitted with a conversion unit. Please call for more information on our available conversion units.

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